News at Kallars

Kallars are proud to be the sponsors of Street Trees for Living - a project of Brockley Society

Where is the sponsor tree located and why did you choose that particular site?

Tressillian Road SE4 and Adelaide Avenue SE4 – these sites were chosen because they are in the conservation area and close to our office so we can help maintain them.

What species of tree did you select and why?

135 TRESSILLIAN ROAD silver birch (betula pendula) because it’s such a pretty tree with its white bark against the green leaves; 43 ADELAIDE AVENUE snowy mespilus, serviceberry, juneberry, amelanchier because of the beautiful blossom.

Why did you choose to sponsor a tree? Does it mark a special event or is it dedicated to someone?

We chose to sponsor a tree because it was a good way to mark the opening of our new office in Deptford. It was a lovely way to mark the event but still keep the link with Brockley (where Kallars’ first ever office is).

How long have you lived in the borough of Lewisham? Do you have any special memories you could share about the area?

Kallars as a business have been operating within the Lewisham Borough for 7 years now. The directors of Kallars have been working in the Lewisham Borough for nearly 20 years. One of the things that springs to mind about the uniqueness of the Lewisham Borough is the “Big Cat” of Catford!

Do you have a favourite tree in the area, apart from your sponsor tree of course?

There is a beautiful majestic Copper Beech in someone’s front garden on the corner of Harefield Road.

If there were no constraints what tree would you have chosen and why?

A Japanese Maple for the vivid colour and the Oak for its size and strength.

How did you learn about sponsoring a street tree through Street Trees for Living?

We have worked closely with the Brockley Society for many years; I was approached by Dom Eliot the co-chair of the Brockley Society street tree campaign.

What would you say to someone who is considering sponsoring a street tree?

It is a wonderful idea, especially nice if you would like to mark a special occasion such as a milestone birthday or anniversary.


Amelanchier - Adelaide Avenue, SE4


Silver Birch - Tressilian Road, SE4


Corner Harefield and Wickham Roads

Gold rating by the 'Best Estate Agent Guide'

Kallars are delighted to share our exceptional news with you!

We have been awarded the Gold rating by the Best Estate Agent Guide, which places us in the “Exceptional” estate agent category.

The “Best Estate Agent Guide” along with Rightmove carried out the biggest mystery shopping review of the property industry that has ever been undertaken, once they had identified the criteria that defines exceptional customer service combined with an in-depth analysis of performance data they created a long list of the top 40% of branches in the country.

Based on points scored via the analysis and mystery shopping exercise the top 20% of branches in the country were categorized into 3 ratings:

  • Highly Rated: Among the top 20% of estate agency branches in the country. Only agents who achieved this high standard are featured in our guide. Out of over 25,000 estate agents across the UK only 5,153 branches have been featured.
  • Excellent: Among the top 10% of estate agency branches in the country. Not quite within the top 5% but still market-leading in their approach to client satisfaction. They show a commendable dedication to client satisfaction.
  • Exceptional: In the top 5% of estate agency branches in the country. These agents showed an outstanding level of service and care towards prospective clients and we are delighted to award these superb agencies with a score of “Exceptional”.

Chelwood Summer Festival 2017!

Kallars are proud to be the sponsors of the Chelwood Nursery Summer Festival 2017. The fayre took place on Sunday 25th June.

Chelwood is a particularly special nursery school, as it is state maintained not private and has an outstanding record of early years education. It has been in the forefront since the 1940s, we are delighted to be working with a nursery like Chelwood as it is seen as a beacon in this field.

“Kallars are a very easy company to work with. Daniel was enthusiastic from the first phone call, and swiftly got the go ahead to sponsor the Chelwood Summer Festival 2017.

Kallars have since been friendly and efficient throughout and couldn’t be more supportive of our nursery school.

At Chelwood we like to make links within our local community and clearly Kallars do to, we hope to build on this relationship in the future.”

Laura Brereton part of the "Friends of Chelwood" parent, teacher association


Bench Outreach - December 2016

Kallars have recently teamed up with a fantastic local charity based in Deptford, Bench Outreach. Their aim is to help vulnerable people overcome drug and alcohol dependence, find decent homes and lead lives that have meaning and purpose. Kallars will be making regular donations each month for every new property rented and every property sold. For more information about Bench, please visit or contact them on 020 694 7740.


Our team at Kallars are very keen to put something back into the local community. We aim to raise money for good causes locally; such as our involvement with the Brockley Society Summer Fayre which is held annually at Hilly Fields for which we have been the main sponsors for 5 years now. We have recently sponsored the planting of two trees in Brockley in Tressillian Road and Adelaide Avenue:

"Brockley Society's committee appreciates how Kallars Property Agents have been the main sponsor of Hilly Fields Fayre since 2011, and regular supporters of other society activities, including its street tree campaign."


Kallars were the main sponsors of the Grinling Gibbons Primary School Summer Fayre as well as sponsoring the Grinling Gibbons Primary School and Lucas Vale Primary School Carnival Day celebrations.

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life - 3rd July 2016


Hilly Fields Midsummer Fayre - Saturday 18th June 2016